8 Duty 1 Standby Auto AMP Changeover Panel (AC-5418)

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8 Duty 1 Standby Auto AMP Changeover Panel (AC-5418) PA System

  • Cater for 8 duty and 1 standby 
  • Expandable for 1 standby to cater for more than 8 duty amps. 
  • Built in Pilot Tone generator, transmit at intervals and senses at sequence to protect amplifiers
  • Overloading protection by allowing only a single take over. 
  • Prioritised changeover which higher numbered amplifier shall be preferred for take over if more than two units are down
  • Changeover at input and output section simultaneously ; suitable for matrix system installations 
  • Input link switch ; making connection of sources easier. 
  • Channel isolation switch for unused or un-monitored channel. 
  • Individual channel status indicators ; normal, fault and changeover.
AX3800 offers great flexibility and simplicity for amplifier fault changeover setup. With the precise circuit design, amplifier fault detection period is greatly reduced to initiate timely changeover to standby unit. The internal pilot tone generation at 20KHz is set at optimum interval to avoid unnecessary loading to amplifiers.
Changeover shall occur at both input and output of amplifiers, making it suitable for application in a matrix system. Priority and single changeover ensures overloading of standby amplifier is avoided, thus providing a reliable and uninterrupted system at most times.

Technical Specifications

Operating voltage 24VDC; 1A
Power consumption 6.8W
Input signal 8 Ch balanced line signal
Input impedance 10k Ohm
Audio output gain Unity
Pilot tone interval 8 seconds / channel
Pilot tone frequency 20 kHz (+/- 5%)
Detection line 70 / 100 V line
Detection level 50V rms min
Failure detection time 7-15 seconds
Failure recovery time 20 seconds max
Zone load rating 500W / 100V line max
Status indication LED Normal; Fault; Changeover
Changeover alert Buzzer with switch
Changeover section Input and output simultaneously
Dimension (WxHxD) 482 x 88 x 180mm
2.85 kg


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